John Rickenbach started Rickenbach Construction Company in Astoria in 1965. In 1989 Rickenbach Construction incorporated and has worked to become one of the Pacific North Coast’s foremost commercial General Contractors. Jared Rickenbach, President, and John Rickenbach, founder, have established the company’s reputation for honesty, dependability, teamwork, problem-solving, quality craftsmanship, and schedule and project management. Michelle Dieffenbach, Corporate Treasurer, joined the company in 1997 as an Architect to provide Design/Build services. Jared Rickenbach received a Construction Engineering Management degree from OSU in 1999. While attending college he worked as a foreman for Rickenbach

Construction on various projects during the summers. Jared joined the company full time in 1999 as construction foreman and in 2008 succeeded John as Corporate President.

Our working capital can easily cover construction without requiring payment in advance on monthly construction costs. Our accounts payable are current and we pay off accounts early to receive discounts. We have a solid Insurance account with Liberty Northwest with a history of preferred insurance since 1985. We have a “no complaint” record with the Oregon and Washington Builders Boards since registration in 1968 as John Rickenbach Construction and then Rickenbach Construction Inc. Our safety compliance record with OSHA is good and we have a discounted SAIF insurance rate. We are members of Associated General Contractors.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, maintain a Drug Free workplace, have regular Safety training, and offer a medical and profit-sharing package to our employees. Our employees are local people and we encourage long-time employment. We are continuing business primarily in Clatsop County as a third-generation family business.

Throughout our history the company has consistently expanded both its services and work regions, building projects for public and private clients throughout the Pacific North Coast to include:

· Schools
· Banks
· Restaurants
· Hospitals
· Medical Facilities
· Municipal Facilities
· Office Facilities
· Retail & Store Fronts
· Historic Buildings
· Museums
· Theatres and Performing Arts Centers
· Lodging
· Arenas
· Residential
· Parks

Rickenbach Construction, Inc. continues to expand its construction territory, diversify its client base and enhance its operational capabilities while maintaining the company’s commitment to high quality, efficiency and jobsite safety. It’s a time-tested formula that has delivered positive results for our clients year after year. We service the areas in the Astoria and surrounding areas in Oregon and Washington.

Jared Rickenbach is President of the Corporation and is the General Project Manager for all construction projects. He enjoys working with the different projects, demands, challenges, and clients that we partner with. He is a hands-on manager, providing input on design, running the estimating and bidding process, and directing the many aspects of the construction project.

Michelle Dieffenbach is the Treasurer and Architect for Rickenbach Construction. She is a licensed architect in the state of Oregon. She works closely with the client and Jared to provide a design that incorporates needs, costs, site conditions and anything else that has an impact on the project. Michelle continues to be involved during the construction process to verify that the design intent and the project meets or exceeds the owner’s expectations.

Rickenbach Construction feels that the best way to approach a project is with a team concept. We strive to work with the owners, individuals, or boards, in establishing their needs, desires, budget, and dreams. We encourage all team members, the owner, financial entity, designers, specialists, sub-contractors, suppliers, and craftsmen to provide input to improve the project or identify potential areas of concern. We establish a project schedule with weekly updates and follow a submittal and approval process. We review the budget and schedule often to verify that the timeline and budget for the project is acceptable to all the team members, especially the owner.

With the depth of our experience in working in the unique climatic and soil conditions of the coastal zones we design and construction the project to avoid some of the long-term challenges that come with construction in our area. We use craftspeople from a large basis including our own local area, into Vancouver, Portland, and farther, if the specific needs call for them.

We have worked with many different trades and have a depth of resources to call upon. We have excellent working relationships and prompt payment histories with our subcontractors and suppliers.